One of my frnd sent these JaeMin dolls to me today. Aren’t they cuteee???

Thank u Jeje Unnie :D



Another random video on JaeMin. Just because I love this music (All thanks to Running Man).


Happy JoongShim Day!

[I don’t know how I fell in love with you two… All I know is I fell hard. You two have been my inspiration for the last two years. You have made me smile… cry and laugh… You have taught me what true love is… How to take care of the loved ones without showing off… I can’ttell you in words how much I love and miss you. I just hope someday you will come back. I’ll be waiting for you.]


JongShim hugs for Nathy Unnie

Happy Birthday Unnie. God bless you.  


endless JaeMin moment - 8/ : & I promise you this… No matter who enters your life, I’ll love you more than any of them (Hug Performance)


"I want a red rose for our first date. If I don’t get a red rose, then you won’t get a second date. Got it?"

"You’re hoping for a second date?" Changmin wondered and his crush blushed,

""N-Not if you don’t give me my red rose."

"Changmin smiled and leaned down to peck at pouty lips,

""You do know that I’ll never abide by your request no matter how many times you ask me."

"His crush sneered, "One day. One day you’ll give me my red rose."

Red Roses Are Overrated by miri-uchicha

Happy Valentines Day


Happy #JaeMin Birthday. I know I am late. But hey…! it’s still 11th Feb here. I didn’t get the change to make birthday edit on Jaejoong’s birthday and didn’t want to miss this chance. So happy JoongShim Day guys!